Assessment and Treatment of Mental Health Difficulties (including ADHD)

Clinicians are registered with all major medical health insurance providers and fees for assessment and treatment are in line with their accepted fee schedules. 

Work is charged either per hour or per commissioned activity.

All parties are informed of charges prior to being seen.

Teaching, Training and Consultation

Charges for teaching, training and consultation are mutually agreed and included in the pre-provision contractual agreement. 

Factors that influence charges include:

  • The clinician involved
  • How many clinicians are involved
  • Arrangements regarding venue
  • Length and nature of consultation/training

Developmental Disorder Assessments

There are fixed prices for the standard multi-disciplinary assessment of young people for autistic conditions. 

Additional charges may be incurred for:

  • travel/ subsistence of assessments outside Norfolk and Suffolk
  • significant additional appointments necessitated by atypical assessment needs
  • optional post-diagnostic support meeting / appointment
  • optional pre-diagnostic review exercise  

For more specific details of fees or pricing please contact us.