Lauli Moschini, Art Psychotherapist and EMDR Therapist


I am an Art Psychotherapist specialising in trauma and trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). 

An interest in how humans function at a group and individual level led to me reading Social Anthropology and Psychology as an undergraduate, working for an NGO in India before retraining in Art Psychotherapy and EMDR. 

I have 16 years’ experience working with adults and young people in schools, the NHS and the private sector using art psychotherapy and, more recently, EMDR therapy. I work with a range of social, emotional and mental health needs, specialising in developmental trauma, attachment issues and PTSD. 

From birth, we adapt to the environments we find ourselves in to get our needs met. Sometimes we find that the behaviours and belief systems we have developed have become unhelpful as our situations change, and we need help in harnessing our healing potential. Through the largely non-verbal and attuned interactions of art psychotherapy and EMDR, guided by neuropsychological and attachment theory, I support people in adapting to their present circumstances to develop a more positive relationship with themselves and others. I aim to promote communication, compassion and understanding within the wider system to support and sustain change into the future.  

It is a privilege to be with people as they move towards greater wholeness using their creative and adaptive potential. 

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